ITC Camp Policies

Below are the 2024 Camp Polices for ITC. To view our tuition and financial policies, please click here.

Safety and Security

Our top priority is the physical and emotional safety of our campers. We collaborate with experts to implement rigorous security measures at all camp locations. Armed police officers are always on campus for our physical safety, and the gate remains closed except during carpool times. Counselors meticulously track and accompany campers to all activities, which are led by trained adults.

Emotionally, our counselors are skilled in empathetic listening to resolve conflicts and report any concerns to camp leadership. We understand that your child’s physical and emotional safety is paramount. Our head staff maintains direct communication with parents to address any concerns promptly and effectively.

This summer, to meet the unique needs of our community’s children and adolescents, ITC is enhancing our support systems. Each unit will have a dedicated clinician to provide ongoing social-emotional support to staff and campers. Working closely with Camper Care Director Danya Maloon, these clinicians will offer additional opportunities for our team and campers to develop healthy social behaviors and emotional regulation.

At In the City Camps, every child is welcomed and cherished, regardless of their background. We take pride in our diverse camper and staff community, which contributes to our unique environment. For many, In the City Camps is their first Jewish experience, while others are more immersed in Jewish traditions. We welcome campers from varied family structures and those facing physical, emotional, and medical challenges. Our goal is to nurture and include every child, helping them build lasting Jewish friendships.

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Gender Inclusion Policy

ITC welcomes campers of all gender identities. Should your family choose to do so, we welcome you to disclose your child’s assigned biological gender to our Camper Care Director so that she can help facilitate any support and accommodations your camper may need. All information shared will be treated with sensitivity and the Director will keep this information confidential. ITC will honor your camper’s preferred name and pronouns. Counselors also receive training on all inclusion practices relating to best practices around gender and sexual diversity.


ITC welcomes neurodiverse children into our camp. We are an affirming and welcoming space, providing an inclusive and warm experience for your neurodivergent child. We welcome campers with anxiety, ADHD, and those formally or informally diagnosed as autistic, among other neurological diversities.

ITC requires that your child be able to stay with their bunk or class throughout the day, toilet independently, and eat lunch and snacks without assistance. Therefore, ITC cannot accommodate children who exhibit aggressive physical or verbal behaviors.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Camper Care Director at, so that we can share more information about our program and plan reasonable accommodations for your neurodivergent camper.



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