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Our Philosophy



Camper Choice and Empowerment

In the City Camps distinguishes itself in the world of summer camps by championing the power of choice. Recognizing that each child is unique, with their own blend of interests and passions, we've created an environment focused on self-discovery and personal growth. Moving away from traditional camp models, we avoid setting a rigid daily schedule. Instead, we empower our campers with the freedom to choose from a diverse range of activities, known as 'peulah', led by experienced adults. These activities are not just entertaining but are also crafted for in-depth learning and exploration. Our approach fosters independence and encourages campers to explore new interests and deepen existing ones, turning each day into a new adventure.

In The City Camper Practicing Archery

Tailored Experiences for Different Age Groups

Camper similing and holding up drawing

For our younger campers, from rising pre-K through 5th grade, the highlight of their day is the freedom to choose. Every day, they can select from a wide array of over 20 engaging activities (Peulah) four times a day. This flexibility allows them to explore various interests and develop new skills in a nurturing and supportive environment. Meanwhile, our Tween Academy, tailored for rising 6th to 8th graders, offers a more specialized experience. Tweens select an academy aligned with their interests, dedicating three periods each day to immerse themselves in their chosen specialty. In addition, they have the option to choose a traditional camp activity daily, creating a balanced experience that merges focused learning with classic camp fun. This structure caters to their evolving interests and ensures a comprehensive and enjoyable camp experience.


Building Community and Celebrating Individuality

At the core of In the City Camps is our dedication to creating a community where children can be their authentic selves. Here, forming lasting friendships and experiencing significant personal growth are as important as the activities themselves. We celebrate each child's individuality, allowing them to express their unique interests and personality. This supportive environment, enriched with the joyous traditions of Jewish culture, sets the stage for cherished summer memories, character development, and lifelong connections to Jewish life. In the City Camps is more than just a place for summer fun; it's a haven for growth, learning, and belonging.

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Camp Location: Atlanta Jewish Academy, 5200 Northland Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30342



Six Key Elements of ITC

  • Jewish Culture & Values

    Culturally Jewish, values-based experience for campers of all backgrounds.

  • Jewish Role Model Staff

    Mature, energetic, trained Jewish counselors as positive role models.

  • Welcoming Environment

    Diverse camper and staff makeup, accommodating various Jewish experiences and backgrounds.

  • Choice-Based Activity

    A wide range of activities infused with Jewish values, encouraging participation and exploration.

  • Overnight Camp Feel

    Experiential and educational opportunities, embodying the best parts of Jewish overnight camps.

  • Commitment to Safety

    Prioritizing physical and emotional safety with expertly implemented security measures and empathetic counselors.

Campers Hugging at In The City Camps

Camp Bunks

Just like in overnight camp, your child will be assigned to a bunk. The bunk has all the fun of overnight camp AND your camper comes home each day to share their fun day with you!

ITC maintains a 6:1 camper-to-counselor ratio. Each group will be no larger than 18 children with 3-4 staff. Bunks are coed and often mixed age groups. We always do our best to accommodate requests on the camper application, as we know how important this can be to campers (but it is not guaranteed). 


  • Rising Pre-K Program: Shorashim (שורשים) "Roots"

  • Rising K/1:  Nitzanim (ניצנים): This word means "Buds," as in the early stage of a flower or plant. It is frequently used symbolically to represent young children, growth, potential, and the beginning stages of development.

  • Rising 2nd/3rd:  Chaverim (חברים): This word means "friends." It is commonly used in various social and educational contexts to denote camaraderie, companionship, or a group of peers.

  • Rising 4th/5th: Tayarim (טיירים): This translates to "Tourists" or "Travelers." It's often used to describe individuals who are exploring or traveling, and can be indicative of a group that is focused on adventures, exploration, or learning about new places.

 “I love the way you call out how camps support parents, as well as the kids. I can attest to this personally and professionally.”